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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Through Deaf Eyes

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching Through Deaf Eyes on the PBS Network. I was very pleased with what was offerred on the program, even learned a few things myself.

Because of my age and having been through hard knocks back when the deaf, (as human beings), were unacknowledged, I am extremely appreciative of any and all positive tidbits thrown our way.

And from my viewpoint, the controversy over the "deaf" sign can be retired forever. I saw only ONE instance of "ear closed". Or did I miss something?



  1. IKJ repeatedly used the "deaf-close" sign, but usually he just signed "close."

  2. Do IKJ's signs count? He surely is NOT a native signer. What he knows was taught to him in a classroom.

    I see nothing wrong with the "ear closed" sign, but it is more for signing songs and for poetry. At least that is my opinion.

    Thanks Jay, I always enjoy what you have to say!


  3. also saw benard braggs used sign
    deaf-close. so...

  4. I'm not a native signer either. But I have the honor of being taught by the two granddaughters of the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet.

    Nothing like a scared young neophyte clergyman seeing Eleanor Sherman Font sitting in the front row, writing down my signing errors!

  5. I think that it proved the point that deaf people do use both signs for "deaf." Some used "ear closed," while others used "deaf-mute." And in that sense, I think it should retire the controversy. :)

  6. Hi Jenny! I heartily agree with what you just said. Both signs are just fine -- at appropriate times. I never did understand what all the controversy was about, anyway.

    Thanks, peoples, and please DO note that I remarked that I possibly missed something. Two hours is a long time to sit in one spot!


  7. Hi Lantana ~

    I agree, I thought it was a great program and I really enjoyed watching it, but it was hard to sit in one spot for two hours! Once it was over, I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom!

    ~ Virginia

  8. Hi there. Just a quick question or thought... Why wouldn't IKJ's signs count? I hope we're not going to go too deep into the "not deaf enough" arena. He's deaf. Whether people were born deaf or acquired deafness later, their communication style is their own and should still count. Many people who were born deaf did not learn to sign until they entered college. Would their signs not count either?

    (Said kindly - no threat tone)

    I just want to raise awareness here of potential rejection and question why.

    ~ LaRonda

  9. Hi LaRonda: Nope, I am NOT one of those "not deaf enough" supporters. That quote, "not deaf enough" does not even make sense to me. :( What I meant about IKJ was that he learned sign language because he HAD TO, not because it was necessary for his own well being. IKJ's type of signing was obviously learned from a book or taught by a professional ASL teacher. To me, "perfect" is boring.

    Bragg is an ACTOR and he is very concious of every single move he makes so that it will be perfect and easy to understand. Bragg does not sign like that when he is hanging with his friends.

    I consider myself "late deafened" even tho I was only 10 years old when it happened. I have been called "hearing on the forehead" most of my life because I chose to retain good speech. I learned Sign by trial and error, mostly error. People still tell me that I sign "backwards". I just don't comprehend posts on certain blogs where they appear to have ASL "down pat" and WHINE when someone forms words with their mouth while signing. That is a whole new world for me and NOT ONE THAT I APPROVE OF. It irks me that "hearing on the forehead" deaf are not welcome or appreciated for who they are and what they went through.

    But that is for another blog entry. Smile. A decent "tone of voice" is sometimes difficult for a deaf person. You and I know that from experience.


  10. I did enjoy watching Through Deaf Eyes, the sign "deaf" never bother me, it's really everyone's own preference.

    I thought it was too long movie but now that after I heard several people saying it's not enough, should be 6 hours or even more.

    I was like.. um I almost had a hard time trying to stay on my chair for 2 hours straight, let alone 6 hours! HA! :-)

    Of course there is always some people out there won't like a thing or two in every deaf movies/shows. So, it's hard to please everyone these days.



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